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This is a piece that I put off for a while due to being so caught up in my relationship. Basically I made a friend over live, and him and I really got along and became friends really quickly. And due to my excitement to have a new friend, I drew my huntress self, and made him a smoker self since that appeared to be his favorite infected. 

I know this style looks awfully cartoony compared to other artists who have Left 4 Dead characters on here, but I beg you to be gentle if you have constructive criticism. After getting the flat colors on here, I honestly worked hard on a lot of minor details and even made several changes from the original piece. 

I changed the backgrounds to look more drizzled and worn down, I put more details into the eyes, I made the huntress Feta look more dirty, I shortened the smoker’s hair because it was originally long. I unfortunately forgot his beard, but my friend said he had to shave it anyway so I guess it’s not a major loss. 

I’m posting it here and linking him in hopes that he’ll enjoy the work. And I hope if you’re seeing this, you enjoy it too.

Okay okay okay!

Since my character blogs are linked to my original ones, I don’t think I can ask questions as them, but IN FACT receive them. I know I’m being difficult, but I don’t feel like using a bunch of emails for each blog that I probably won’t check too often. 

Again, here is each one: 

Victor Voodoo’s. 

Vivian Vango’s. 

Jennifer Valentine’s. 

Enjoy the posts, support the characters, thank you.

2 New Blogs

Trying this again…Can’t guarantee they will last long. It’s always nice to get support from other role players, and to see the interaction between characters. I’ll work on being more patient..I just get excited and expect a lot to happen too fast. 

Anyways, here’s my first original character Victor’s tumblr. 

And here’s my second, Vivian. 

If these work out alright, I’ll think of introducing any other characters I have developed. 


I warned. Enjoy my characters…I enjoy them.


I am thinking of making another original series with the main character having a mental disorder. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated. :3 
Why the sudden need? I’m obsessing over horror games who often deal with monsters/hallucinations or characters with strange disorders. I want to try to make someone original, with a disorder than isn’t common or been over used. I can possibly mix disorders, because someone explained to me a disorder that DID have a mixture of symptoms from several different disorders.

(This animation isn’t mine. It’s Banes. But the animation fits what I’m about to say better than the actual clip from Scrubs. XDD 
Her youtube: Her deviant art: 
  Her tumblr: 
Animation credits ALL go to her, and Scuttle. Kirk belongs to Jade. Song belongs to Scrubs. )
This is my role play right now. ^^^ It makes me happy. XDD


Still looking for some to fill up my character lists. >< 
So far I have…
Joe Manganiello as Logan Forrester.

Minka Kelly as Allison Willows. 

Katherine Heigl as Jennifer Valentine. 

Justin Timberlake as Noah Forrester. 
Kate Bekinsale as Vivian Vango. 
 Johnny Depp as Daisuke Sato. (I realize Depp is NOT Japanese, but he plays odd characters like Dai.)

Michael Fassbender as Victor Voodoo.

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